Who am I

Hello, my name is Joshua Bot and I am a web developer from Abuja, Nigeria. I graduated from Covenant University with a degree in Management Information Systems.

My Ambition

Creating websites is fun for me and I would like to collaborate with awesome people to make really good websites which are not only fun to use but are also functional and scalable.

Technologies I have experience in

Here are some of the projects I collaborated on

Kairos Music

Technologies Used:
Next.Js and AWS(Lambda and dynamodb)

This is a project I worked on which aims to use blockchain technology to redefine how we think about music and music collection


Technologies Used:
React and Web3

This is an organization I worked with that uses blockchain technology to create new, innovative and secure ways to receive payments


Technologies Used:
HTML,CSS,JS, Django and Flutter

The LingAfriq Application is a Language Learning Platform that was built using Flutter, I worked as part of the team on the backend built with Django and on the admin frontend (Disclaimer: Frontend Website Currently under reconstruction­čśü).

Here are some of my personal projects


Technologies Used:
React and Firebase

This is a personal project of mine, it is a Food recipe search engine powered by the spoonacular API which allows users to search for recipes and also save it for later use. More features incoming...

Blogr Landing Page

Technologies Used:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

This is the result of a challenge on frontendmentor where the design images are given and you will have to create a mockup of the website.

link to location Wuye, Abuja Nigeria
link to call my number +234 9029180671
link to send me email Joshbot04@email.com